This means that every year Newquay Zoo is subject to a rigorous external audit to ensure that not only are we managing our environmental impacts to the highest possible standards, but we are also continuously striving to improve.


By using an Environmental Management System we have been able to spot a few key areas that we can improve upon. We have already replaced all incandescent lighting with low energy fluorescent lighting, installed occupancy sensors in the toilets and installing sustainable energy sources on-site. We have also used a thermal imaging camera so that we could easily see which areas of the Zoo were energy efficient, and which needed improvement. This has led to increased insulation on some of the enclosures, as well as double glazing being fitted. Find out more by visiting our renewable energy page.

Here's a link to a pdf document for Newquay Zoo's environmental policy.


At Newquay Zoo we try to recycle and re-use as much as possible, whether it’s aluminium cans, batteries, electrical equipment or even off-cuts of wood.

We also try and encourage others. You can spot recycling bins around the Zoo providing staff and visitors with the chance to reduce, re-use and recycle! You can use the stations on-site for paper, plastic bottles, cans and glass, and you can also bring us your old mobile phones and printer cartridges to recycle on your behalf.

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