Lilacine Amazon parrot

Amazona lilacina

Red Lored Amazon Parrot WEB 3
IUCN Conservation Status –
Least Concern
Extinct In The Wild
Class: Birds
Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae

Our Lilacine Amazon parrots can be found in an aviary next to the penguin pool.

These birds are native to the humid, tropical rainforests of Ecuador, in South America.

They eat fruit, seeds and buds. They have a very powerful beak, which allows them to remove tough nut shells very easily.

Interesting facts!

  • Amazon parrots spend their time in small groups, roosting communally in the trees at night time and spending their days flying around in pairs searching for food.
  • They have 4 toes; 2 pointing forward and 2 pointing backward. These help them to grip onto branches and perch in trees.
  • Their strong bill helps them to manipulate food and climb from branch to branch.


All parrot species are protected by regulations on commercial trade, and some species of Amazon parrot are now classed as Endangered, meaning trade is prohibited. Parrots have long suffered due to the exotic pet trade because of their brilliantly coloured feathers and their ability to mimic the human voice. They have been known to cough, sneeze, snore and even swear! Native tribes in South America have also traditionally hunted these birds for food.