Silvery marmoset

Mico argentatus

silvery marmoset 13
IUCN Conservation Status –
Least Concern
Extinct In The Wild
Class: Mammals
Order: Primates
Family: Callitrichidae

You can find our pair of silvery marmosets between the ring-tailed lemur island and agouti enclosure.

The silvery marmoset is native to a small area of the Amazon rainforest in eastern Brazil.

These primates are gumivorous animals, which means that they primarily consume sap and gum of trees. Silvery marmosets may also eat leaves, fruits and insects.

Interesting facts!

  • Some individuals of this species spend their whole lives in trees. Not once would they descend to the ground, except for extreme circumstances.
  • As soon as an infant is born, all group members, primarily, the father, participate in rearing the baby.
  • Silvery marmosets are monogamous, with one dominant breeding pair per group. They will usually produce between 1-3 young after a gestation period of 140 -145 days.


The silvery marmoset is widespread throughout its range but the population is thought to be decreasing. Their main threat is severe loss of habitat from logging and development and in some parts of their range, they are captured and kept as a pet species.