Fire bellied Newt

Fire bellied Newt

These newts inhabit pools, ponds, seepages and paddy fields in hilly areas, in both forest and degraded habitats. These newts can tolerate a range of habitats and have a wide distribution throughout China.

Wild Diet

Amphibian larvae, eggs and small invertebrates.


These newts will search for food and ambush their prey.


Mating season lasts from May to July, with an average of 96 eggs laid per female. A male newt will actively pursue a female, with displays of tail fanning and sometimes biting to get her attention. The larvae develop in water.


Whilst still relatively common throughout their range, habitat destruction and capture for the international pet trade has led to the wild population decreasing.


Fire bellied newts can be found in several protected regions throughout their range.


  • Latin Name: Cynops orientalis
  • Class: Amphibians
  • Order: Caudata
  • Family: Salamandridae
  • Conservation Status: Least Concern
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