Poison Arrow Frog

Poison Arrow Frog
Poison Arrow Frog

Tropical, humid rainforests of South America.

Wild Diet

Insects, especially ants.


As their name suggests they are poisonous – their skin glands produce one of the strongest naturally occurring toxins in the world. Side effects of the poison can vary frog-to-frog, with some causing skin irritation, some causing hallucinations and others causing blood levels to constrict. It is believed that the frogs do not produce the poison themselves, but pick it up from the ants that they eat in the wild.


These frogs seldom go into pools except to reproduce. They lay their eggs in warm pools of water surrounded by leaves high in the canopy. The male frog guards the eggs and once hatched they will then carry the tadpoles to a nearby lake or stream on their back. Once there, the tadpoles will have a steady supply of food.


Poison arrow frogs are at risk due to habitat destruction. They are also suffering from chytrid diseases which affect amphibians.

Poison Arrow Frog Poison Arrow Frog


  • Class: Amphibians
  • Order: Anura
  • Family: Dentrobates
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