Amazing zebras: top 5 facts that will dazzle you!

Lovely ladies, Luna, Layla and Ziga are our three Chapman’s zebras. They live alongside our nyala antelopes and wildebeest, and with their glamorous coats of black and white stripes, they always stand out from the herd(s)!

While we all know what zebras look like, we bet you didn’t know these top 5 dazzling facts!

1. Singular style

Zebra’s stripes are just as unique as a set of fingerprints, yet no-one knows exactly what they are for! There are a variety of theories around the purpose, including: help to tell different zebras apart, making it easier to hide from predators, repelling horseflies, making individuals more attractive to mates and even helping to control body temperature.

2. Patterned pioneers

This might surprise you, but Zebras played an important part in the First World War! Their distinctive stripes inspired the ‘Dazzle’ warships, which were camouflaged with bold zebra-like stripes to make it hard for enemy vessels to determine a ship’s size, speed, distance and direction. More than 2,000 British warships were painted in these bold ‘dazzle’ patterns.

zebra min

3. Terrific titles

A group of zebras isn’t just known as a herd: they are also known as a ‘zeal’ a ‘harem’ or a ‘dazzle’ of zebras! Zebras are very sociable animals and can usually be found in huge herds, which can include tens of thousands of animals!

4. Clever communicators

Zebras use lots of different ways to get their point across! Listen carefully, and you can hear our girls talking to each other using a range of snorts, barks, sniffs and whinnies. You might also see them using lots of body language to communicate, such as baring their teeth when they are angry or pricking their ears forward when they are concentrating hard.

5. Feisty fighters

Zebras spend much of their time grazing, but don’t be fooled into thinking that they are laid-back 24/7. When threatened by predators – such as lions – zebras will often surround their attacker and fight, using bites and powerful kicks. A kick from the back legs can knock a full-grown lion off its feet!

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