January Closure: Week 1 update

As we approach the end of our first closure week, we thought we’d update you on what we’ve been up to. Our teams have been incredibly busy and although our zoos are currently empty of visitors, they certainly haven’t been empty of activity.

One of the biggest jobs has been one that the majority of visitors won’t even notice – installing new cabling to our kiosks. We’ve had to dig trenches across pathways to install this new provision and it’s certainly a task that wouldn’t have been possible with our zoo open to visitors. A much more noticeable change has been the installation of replacement decking around our Savannah paddock.

Our Grounds Team have been working tirelessly to spruce up our site in preparation for what we hope will be a fantastic year. We are making headway on our annual tree maintenance schedule with the sound of chainsaws a regular feature of the day. Our 13-acre site contains a number of older trees and these are regularly monitored to ensure they are safe and stable. Some of these require significant pruning and even removal, and the closure period has allowed us to tackle some of the these essential tasks.

Away from the public areas, our staff have been completing training, decorating, repairing and deep cleaning everything ready for reopening. On any given day, there’s a whole world of activity going on away from the public eye at our zoos, and changes made here will ensure that we are much better placed to give our visitors an even more memorable experience when they visit. Added to this, of course, is the ongoing work by our keepers, who work every day regardless of whether we’re open or closed to provide the best possible care to our animals.

We’ll update you further next week as we prepare to reopen. We hope to see you here soon!