Marvellous meerkats: top 5 facts that will fascinate you!

We have seven of these adorable little creatures here at Newquay, and they continue to be one of our most popular animals.

Check out our top 5 fun meerkat facts to find out why, and learn about some of the incredible quirks and behaviours that might surprise you!

1. Communal creatures

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Meerkats are incredibly social animals and live in large groups known as ‘mobs’ or ‘clans’. These groups can consist of up to 40 individuals and are highly organized, with each meerkat having a specific role within the group.

2. Skilled sentinels

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Meerkats have a remarkable system of sentinel duty. These sharp-eyed individuals take turns standing guard on termite mounds or rocks while the others search for food. With their watchful eyes and distinct alarm calls; they keep the rest of the group safe from potential predators.

3. Subterranean superstars

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Meerkats are the masters of digging! They spend a great deal of their time underground, creating elaborate burrow systems with multiple entrances and different chambers for various purposes. It’s like having their own meerkat mansion, complete with sleeping quarters, nurseries, and storage rooms.

4. Scorpion snackers

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Believe it or not, meerkats have a taste for scorpions! Despite the scorpion’s venomous sting, meerkats have developed a unique skill. They engage in a daring ‘sting-handling’ behaviour, where they carefully remove the stinger before devouring the crunchy delicacy.

5. Cooperative childcare

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Meerkats are the ultimate team players, even when it comes to raising their young. While the dominant pair handles most of the mating, the entire group pitches in to care for the little ones. From taking turns babysitting, to lactating females helping with feeding, it’s a truly cooperative effort that ensures the survival and happiness of the adorable meerkat pups.

If, after reading this, you find yourself wanting to witness these incredible and charming behaviours up close, why not come and visit our mischievous mob of meerkats at Newquay Zoo?

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