Penguins on the move

We have bid farewell to 10 Humboldt penguins as they make the great trip to Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium in Ireland.

Newquay Zoo is currently home to 28 Humboldt penguins, including the latest addition which was born back in April. The Humboldt penguins have moved to Dingle Oceanworld in Ireland, as part of a new exhibit which they will be opening to guests.

The penguins made their goodbyes on Tuesday, as they were health checked and microchipped by our local vet and secured in their crates, before they began their journey to Ireland. It is thought that they will arrive at their new home within 24 hours, so they have plenty of fish and water for their trip.

Deputy Curator John Meek said:

“Although we’re always sad to see animals go, we’re happy to know that they will be part of Dingle Oceanworld’s collection and will move into a brand new enclosure.”

Humboldt penguins are native to the coastal region of Peru and Chile. They share their name with the Humboldt Current which flows from north Antarctica along the pacific coast of South America, where the birds live. Both the birds are named after the 18th century explorer Alexander Von Humboldt. Humboldt penguins are now classed as Vulnerable due to climate change, overfishing and ocean acidification.