Top 5 things to do at Newquay Zoo this summer!

We’re super excited to welcome you all this summer, so here are some top tips for your visit to Newquay Zoo:

  1. Tropical House

First things first, an absolute must when you visit Newquay Zoo is our Tropical House. After a long 15 months of being closed due to Covid-19, we were finally able to re-open its doors from when restrictions lifted on 19th July. The Tropical House is home to many weird and wonderful creatures such as phantasmal dart frogs, Fijian iguanas, red-tailed racer snakes and of course a firm favourite amongst our visitors, our pair of two-toed Hoffmann’s sloth, Roxy and Hadar. So make sure you pop in and fully immerse yourself in this amazing, atmospheric exhibit.

2. Village Farm

After you’ve visited the Tropical House, head around the corner into our Village Farm. This exhibit is packed with more familiar faces such as rabbits, guinea pigs, squirrels and even armadillos! A favourite amongst our guests, particularly children, is our pygmy goats as you can head into their enclosure and give them a scratch – they absolutely love the attention!

3. Zoo babies

There has been an almighty baby boom this year, mainly on our primate section, with 4 squirrel monkeys, a Goeldi’s monkey, a capuchin and a crowned lemur born. We’ve also welcomed a penguin chick called Uno and a slender loris. So make sure you keep an eye out and see if you can spot these cute new additions.

4. Presenter talks

Now that restrictions have been lifted we have been able to bring back our ever so popular animal talks. Throughout the summer catch our presenters for short, fun talks about some of our amazing animals. You can find our full timetable of animal talks here: Animal Talks & Times – Newquay Zoo

5. Treat yourself

Finally, why not treat yourself during your visit, whether that be a delicious ice-cream, one of our homemade cakes or maybe a souvenir from our Gift Shop. The perfect way to round off your unforgettable visit to Newquay Zoo.

Don’t forget to pre-book your tickets in advance of you visit here.