Throughout 2016-17, Newquay Zoo is participating in two campaigns developed by EAZA and BIAZA, both focussed on the importance of native biodiversity across the UK and Europe.

EAZA ‘Let it grow – return of the natives’

In response to the widespread loss of biodiversity through urbanisation, agriculture and development, the ‘Let it Grow’ campaign aims to draw on the expertise of Zoo staff to work with local communities, helping nature recover by:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity
  • Encouraging communities and individuals to provide spaces (however small!) for native species to grow
  • Measuring biodiversity in selected areas

BIAZA ‘Grab that Gap’

The ‘Grab the Gap’ campaign encourages all member organisations to ‘grab’ areas of unused space within their zoo or aquarium sites, and plant wildflowers throughout March 2016, in order to create mini-meadows for the summer. These areas will then be assessed for biodiversity through a programme of BioBlitz activities run by Zoo staff, with volunteers and visitors.

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