Sustainable Palm Oil Organisational Pledge

Sustainable Palm Oil Communities aims to increase the demand for sustainable palm oil one community at a time, by bringing organisations together to achieve the same goal. Newquay is joining the movement to adopt sustainable palm oil policies and make sustainable palm oil products available to the public. In Newquay, we are working together to aim to buy, serve and promote products that contain sustainable palm oil in order to protect our planet’s wonderful rainforests and the amazing species that call them home.

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    I support the Sustainable Palm Oil Communities initiative for Newquay and will work to ensure that the food products we buy and sell contain palm oil from sustainable sources. Specifically we will:
    – Make one change in our supply chain to switch from unsustainable to sustainable palm oil
    – Promote our commitment to the project to customers, suppliers and staff
    – Make a long term commitment to ensure that where palm oil is present in our food supply chain, it comes from sustainable sources

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