Zoo Scientist

Saturday May 12th, June 16th & July 14th 2018 £27

Across these 3 months the clubs will be looking at the theme of our zoo’s scientific research. What is it, why do we do research and how we do carry this out in the zoo? The groups will have some special research guests and will design and carry out their own short research project such as studying animal behaviour. This session will have a little bit of class room activity but is mainly done out and around the zoo, watching and studying our amazing animals.



Zoo Eco Ranger

Saturday September 8th, October 13th & November 10th 2018 £27

The Zoo Eco Rangers will be looking at plastics. Many people are concerned about marine pollution and know of the importance of recycling. We will be looking at why we recycle, what can be recycled in the zoo and at home and how we can help reduce, reuse and recycle more. During this 3-month block, both groups (Junior rangers and rangers) will be coming together on one Saturday to do a local beach clean (location to be decided depending on tide times).


Rangers (AGES 12 - 16 YEARS)

As well as taking part in a range of interesting activities, Rangers will also receive:

• A Club badge

• Zoo pass to allow free entry to the zoo for each meeting

• Brilliant memories, fantastic friends

• A chance to get closer to the amazing animals at the zoo

• Certificate

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Further questions?

If you have any queries regarding kids club please email us at [email protected] or call 01637 873342.

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