what will I do in the meerkat mob?

Meerkat Mob members will help with a range of activities such as enrichment making, cleaning out education invertebrates, learning about animal behaviour and the work of zoos in conservaiton. So whether you want to learn about animal behaviour, have a go at making animal enrichment toys or design your own zoo, the Meerkat Mob is the place to do it! 

Each workshop has a different theme, from carnivores to birds.

If you are aged 12-16 why not join our Zoo Cadet Club?

How much?

Meerkat Mob sessions cost £9.00 per child.

How do I book?

Booking opens a month before the session and closes the Thursday before. Parents must have filled out the appropriate registration form before they are able to book sessions.

What will you receive?

As well as taking part in a range of interesting activities, Meerkat Mob members will also receive:

  • A club badge and Zoo pass to allow free entry to the Zoo for each meeting
  • Brilliant memories, fantastic friends and a chance to get closer to the amazing animals at the Zoo

For more information please telephone the Chief Meerkat on 01637 873342 or email us.

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