Senior Discovery Days

Discover more about Newquay Zoo!

We are offering our senior visitors (65+) an incredible package to explore and learn more about Newquay Zoo.

Spend the morning discovering some of the amazing animals we are home to and beautiful gardens they live amongst. From firm favourites such as Humboldt penguins, ring-tailed lemurs and meerkats, to red pandas, Owston’s civets and Fijian iguanas, there is something for everyone.

In the afternoon, you will be taken on a guided walk and talk around the zoo, before returning to Café Lemur for a delicious cream tea to round off the afternoon.



10am: Visitors booked onto the event can arrive at the zoo anytime from 10am onwards

2pm: Meet outside Café Lemur for your guided walk and talk

3pm: Return to Café Lemur for a delicious cream tea



£13.99 per person which includes admission, guided walk and talk, plus a delicious cream tea.

Newquay Zoo members are £4.99

Spaces are limited, so pre-booking essential.


Talk and dates

Join us for ‘Tales from the Zoo’ – a guided stroll around our grounds to learn about the tales of the zoos past, present and future. Discover some of the older parts of the zoo to see how they have changed since 1969 and been replaced or redeveloped for modern zoo uses, explore photos of how the zoo has changed and share some of the strange animal stories, births and deaths from the last fifty plus years.


What do you remember of your trips to Newquay Zoo?


There will be plenty of opportunities for questions, chat and sharing memories throughout the afternoon.


Dates: Wednesday 20th September, Wednesday 27th September, Wednesday 4th October, Wednesday 11th October