Spring into Nature

From March through to May we are celebrating nature on our doorstep.

Nature is around us every day; from blackbirds to daffodils, and snails to bluebells, we’re surrounded by an incredible diversity of life. Some of these species are easy to spot, others go unnoticed, many are threatened and need our help, but all of them are special.

Spring into Nature is about celebrating what we have on our doorstep; in our zoos and reserves, and in our homes and communities. It’s about recognising that we can all make a difference and become conservation champions right here where we live. It’s about noticing the changes as we head into spring without the need for gimmicks; just nature, doing its thing and being amazing. And it’s about making small changes that allow us to share our space with nature so we can all live and thrive together.

Every action matters. Here, we’ll show you some of the things we can all do to help.

Feeling inspired? Here’s how to help the nature on your doorstep…

Whatever outdoor space you have – be it a balcony, courtyard or garden – here you’ll find tips and tricks from our team to make it a happier place for you and the nature on your doorstep!

Watch this space… more tips and tricks coming soon!

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Show us your blooms

From March through to May we will be showing you our blooms! Of a strictly floral kind of course. Both Paignton and our sister zoo Newquay are registered botanical gardens and we have a team of dedicated gardeners who work tirelessly to keep our gardens looking blooming beautiful!

Every week we will be sharing pictures of our blooms and where you can find them in our zoos. To stay in the loop why not give our Facebook page or Instagram account a follow. You can share with us photos of your blooms too and the best photos we receive will get a special mention. So get sharing!

Hazel Dormouse Slapton Ley crop

Who lives in a house like this?

Nature is incredible! From March to May we will be sharing with you some fantastic images from homes created by native species and ones that we have created to help nature on our doorstep to thrive.

We will be running competitions, quizzes and giving you tips and ideas on how you can create homes for wildlife. Give our Facebook page and Instagram account a follow for updates.

How we’re helping nature on our doorstep

We firmly believe that conservation begins at home. The world we step into each morning is a consequence of our individual choices and decisions.

Paignton Zoo is run by the charity Wild Planet Trust, who also owns and manages many local reserves including Primley Park in Paignton, Slapton Nature Reserve and Clennon Gorge. Here we’re able to create habitats for native species and protect endangered species. You can take a wander on our reserves and make your own discoveries. Find out more:  Wild at Home • Wild Planet Trust

Here’s some resources to give you an idea on what to look for: