Hi there, my name’s Zoe and I’m the marketing assistant at Newquay Zoo. In my third instalment of the ‘a cup of tea with’ series, I will introduce you to Lisa, our cleaner. With her ever-changing hair, she’s an easily-recognised as well as much loved member of our team. 


Tea or coffee?


Coffee for me, milk, two sugars.


Perfect biscuit accompaniment?


I do like a good chocolate chip cookie, but I would much prefer cake to go with my coffee.


What is a normal day like for you? What do you do?


I get to the Zoo for 8 in the morning, I crack on with the toilets, first making sure they’re all spotless and clean ready for when we open at 10 o’clock. I also clean the front office, give that a quick hoover and then the rest of the day is bits and pieces really, cleaning offices and all around the site. I clean windows, and do laundry in my new washing machine. There’s endless stuff to do from 8-5.


What did you do before you worked here?


I worked for Tesco’s in Truro for just over 5 years 


How long have you worked for Newquay Zoo?


I’ve been here for 4 and a half years now, it was temporary to start with but they kept me on, I guess I was just too good to let go! 


What is your favourite animal?

In general - cats. I love cats. In the Zoo, my favourite has got to be either Tink, the lynx cub, or the laughing thrush. I go and visit the thrush in Gems of the Jungle every day, he’s lovely. I love all animals, though, I’m a big lover of animals. 


If there was one animal you could have in the Zoo what would it be? 


Giraffes. I’d love to have giraffes in the Savannah really. I think they’d be good for the Zoo. 



What do you love about your job?


Everything really, I love the Zoo as a place, the staff, the people here, the public, the atmosphere. Everything. I love my job, I’ll be here a long time, I think.


Unfortunately, this is when the drinks were drunk and all the biscuits had run out… until next time! If you have any more questions you’d like answered about Lisa, or anything that was mentioned in this article, please get in touch with me at [email protected]

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