Hi, my name’s Zoe and I’m the marketing assistant at Newquay Zoo. In my fourth instalment of the ‘a cup of tea with’ series, I will give you an insight into the life of our Catering Supervisor, Simon. 
Tea or coffee?
Definitely coffee, black with no sugar
Perfect biscuit accompaniment?
Its got to be chocolate digestives, they’re plain and simple and you get a little bit of sweetness with your morning coffee.
What is a normal day like for you? What do you do?
Day to day it changes, if I’m supervising I split my time between the café and the office but if Jeremy (our catering manager) is in ,then I’m usually in the café. I come in at 9 o’clock and finish usually between 4 and 5 o’clock. My tasks range from helping the staff, serving people, general cleaning, stock take, and till work. If any of our outlets, the Lazy Lion Grill or Meerkat Munchies, are open I’m responsible for looking after them and making sure all the staff stationed there are happy, too. 
What did you do before you worked here?
I originally trained as a chef. I started out doing agency work before I was taken on at a local hotel. I worked with them for just under a year before I was made redundant and then I came here and started as a catering assistant. I much prefer it to cheffing - It’s much more social. 
How long have you worked for Newquay Zoo?
I’ve been working here for about 5 years now, I was made supervisor 2 years ago. I started working here on the barbecue and I’ve been stationed everywhere. I remember being really nervous when I first started because I was no longer in a kitchen and I was face to face with people, but now I love it! My confidence has grown so much and I enjoy chatting with the regulars who come in and welcoming new visitors to the site. Shortly after I started here, my dad got a job here too in the maintenance team which is pretty cool.
What is your favourite animal?
My favourite animal is a bobcat. I’ve grown up with cats and I really like how they behave. I like any sort of feline species really. My favourite animal on site has to be the Lynx - I like their really small tails and they look so fluffy, not sure I’d ever like to touch one though. 
What do you love about your job?
I really like having a level of responsibility and I think that the job has helped me gain confidence and really brought me out of my shell. It’s taught me quite a lot of things really. I also love the staff. I see everyone here as my family, I see them more than my own family, so it doesn’t feel like work. Everyone gets on and I love it.
If there was one animal you could have in the Zoo what would it be? 
Definitely some sort of bear. We’ve got the lions but they sleep for most of the day! I know bears sleep a lot too, but I’d love if we had something big and carnivorous here. If dinosaurs were still around, I think I’d have to go with that though. 
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