January is frequently considered a quiet, even dreary month. Well, not for us, as we’re having an early spring clean to make sure the zoo’s in tip-top condition for the year ahead. Head Keeper Dave Rich and the maintenance and grounds team have been working across site, refurbishing enclosures and sprucing up particular areas. So, when you’re next visiting, make sure you cast an eye over their hard work.

Owl Aviary

It’s out with the old and in with the new as our Ural owl enclosure is getting some TLC. Still located in between the Savannah and Tarzan Trail, the enclosure has been completely rebuilt and stripped back to make sure guests stand a better chance of seeing these magnificent birds.

Village Farm

The Village Farm is home to your usual suspects of goats, rabbits, pigs and chickens. However, you may notice a very vibrant change as we’ve given the farm a well-deserved lick of paint. And not just your bog standard magnolia, but terracotta with royal blue doors! A special thanks to Paint Spot in Newquay who have provided us with the materials needed to brighten this area up. Watch this space, as we have many more exciting plans for the Village Farm coming this year.

Browse Plantation

We have recently made a clearing over by the Savannah for a browse plantation. Browse means the leaves, shoots and twigs of shrubs and trees used as food for animals. It’s given to all the zoo herbivores. We cultivate as many browse plants as we can on site, so we can use what we want when we need it without having to rely on other sources. We have a consistent flow of browse plants and are aiming to build on this with further plantings across the site. This is a 3 to 5-year project, so watch it grow.

Agouti House

Thanks to sponsorship from Persimmon Homes Community Champions, our group of agoutis has a brand new redeveloped home. It’s an impressive building fit for kings, queens or even large, loveable rodents. It’s been kitted out with insulation to keep them warm through the winter and enough space should we hear the pitter-patter of baby agouti feet.

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