Newquay Zoo is delighted to welcome a new addition to the family – a baby Black Wildebeest born at 8.10am yesterday (31st July). The new wildebeest is part of a captive breeding programme designed to protect the species which is now extinct in the wild. Black Wildebeest exist only in zoos and protected game reserves in their native South Africa. 

The Zoo’s Animal Collections Manager John Meek said: “We’re absolutely thrilled about our new arrival, especially as these beautiful animals no longer exist in the wild because of over hunting.” “We won’t know the sex of the new baby for several days until one of our keepers spots him or her peeing which will tell us whether it’s a male or female!” The Zoo already has three adult females and one adult male wildebeest. Staff are desperately hoping the new arrival is another female as two bull wildebeest are unlikely to co-exist peacefully together which means one would need to be sent elsewhere. Newquay Zoo is part of the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust – an education and conservation charity dedicated to saving endangered species and their habitats*. The Zoo’s numerous successful breeding programmes contribute towards the protection of many rare species threatened with extinction.

Fascinating fact: According to African Bushmen, the lazy and odd looking wildebeest was last in line during the creation of the world and so received all the other animals’ unwanted body parts! For more information about Black Wildebeest, click here.

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