Well as most of you know Christmas is just a few short sleeps away, and of course we’ve been getting into the festive spirit and zoopin’ up some of our daily enrichment for the animals. So, that like us they can eat, drink and be merry!

Our mob of meerkats have been pulling crackers to reveal some of their favourite treats including vegetables and some very juicy crickets – hopefully you won’t find these in your crackers at home!

We couldn’t resist in indulging Johnson the capybara and Al, Emily and Matilda the tapirs in their very own special Christmas lunch. Of course not the traditional kind, but it did include, sweet potato, parsnip, carrot, cabbage and of course whether you love them or hate them, no Christmas dinner would be complete without Brussel sprouts! We did learn after several attempts however that Matilda and Emily are definitely sprout haters.

As well as Christmas being upon us, on the 16th December it was another very special occasion as it was Elvis, one of our Critically Endangered Sulawesi black crested macaque’s birthday! So of course we had to give him and the rest of the troop a Christmas come Birthday present to tear open. Boxes were full of straw for them to scavenge through and find a sweet treat of honey and also a sprinkling of nuts to enjoy!

From all of us, and the animals here at Newquay zoo, have yourself a merry little Christmas!

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