Newquay Zoo is celebrating another first as it welcomes a pair of Brazilian Tanager chicks.

The chicks were born on the 4th April and are the first of the species to be hatched at Newquay Zoo. Senior Bird Keeper Gary says the chicks are thriving,’ These chicks were hatched at the beginning of April and they have been fed every couple of hours by myself and the team ever since. The adult pair are already sitting on another clutch which should hatch within the next week.’

Brazilian Tanagers are endemic to Brazil, occurring in coastal lowland forests, as well as tropical shrubland but can sometimes be found on the outskirts of cities, including Rio de Janero. Habitat destruction is a problem for many bird species in this area of Brazil. Coastal rainforests are being destroyed at a devastating rate and this has impacted on many species.

Newquay Zoo is currently constructing a new exhibit which will work to highlight the impact habitat destruction and the wildlife trade is having on songbirds in Asia. The Zoo hopes the new ‘Gems of the Jungle’ exhibit will be open to the public in the autumn.

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