Last month we bid a sad farewell to Sandy the red panda. Sandy had been ill for a little while; our vets had diagnosed her with a brain tumour which was sadly untreatable so she was put to sleep. We will be sorry to see her go but she had a fantastic life here at Newquay Zoo and reached the ripe old age of 13.

Let’s take a look back on Sandy’s life here at the zoo. She joined us in January 2008 aged 5 years old, she lived in her enclosure alongside Julius for a number of years before her current partner Germaine was brought in from Krefeld Zoo in Germany in July 2012. The pair got on like a house on fire and shared everything together, including the last piece of bamboo! Sandy was known to come down from her tree in the evenings for a bit of bamboo. When Sandy first joined us she was looked after by Senior Keeper Owen Taylor, who has since moved on to our sister zoo Paignton Zoo. The pair are now looked after by Senior Keeper Mike Downman.

Whilst at Newquay Zoo Sandy and Germaine had a baby who went on to breed at Bojnice Zoo in Slovakia.

At the minute we don’t have any plans to introduce a new female to Germaine, he is quite happy on his own for the time being and has been doing well without Sandy. Red pandas are solitary animals so Germaine will do just fine in the enclosure on his own. Red panda’s live high up in the treetops, and this is where you will probably find Germaine curled up taking a nap. You may often see him heading down from the tree for a bite to eat or to move to the next tree. In the wild red pandas are in danger due to deforestation and logging. In the future we will look to find a new mate for Germaine so that they can continue to help educate the public on this beautiful species!


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