Ah bonfire night – an evening of dressing up warm, gathering around fantastic bonfires, and of course watching some HUGE and magnificent firework displays.

But whilst many of us enjoy this occasion there are some that need special care when fireworks are being let off. Yes, that’s right animals… varying from small to large in size all are affected by the loud noises that this night brings. Animals have sensitive hearing, the loud bangs can cause actual pain to their ears, and so, here are a few things you can do to keep your animals safe on Guy Fawkes Night.

Hutched animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, ferrets etc.)
  • Provide your animal with extra bedding to keep warm and to burrow into so that it feels safe
  • Cover hutches with thick warm blankets to try and soften the sound of the loud bangs and the bright flashes from fireworks
  • Or if possible bring your animal’s hutch inside
Dogs and cats
  • Of course the obvious thing to do is to keep all dogs and cats inside when fireworks are being lets off – make sure all windows and doors are closed, and curtains are drawn to muffle the sound and restrict the bright flashes of fireworks
  • Put the TV/ radio on to mask the sound of fireworks and to provide comfort
  • Make sure your pet has a quiet hiding place where they can retreat to and feel safe
  • Comfort your pet if they are distressed and make sure that you don’t leave them alone
  • Make sure you check in advance that there aren’t any firework displays in your local area – if they are make sure to tell organisers to set them off in the opposite direction
  • Make sure that you stay with your horse whilst the firework displays are going off to ensure that they remain safe – BUT also stay safe yourself and try not to get in the way of a horse that is startled
  • If you know your horse reacts badly to fireworks plan in advance the possibility of moving your horse for the night to avoid any distress
  • If you bring your horse inside make sure that there is nothing in harm’s way if your horse begins to freak out.

A few tips and pointers to be aware of this Tuesday 5th November.

But as well as keeping your animals safe this season, ensure that you and those around you are out of any danger. The mishandling of fireworks and sparklers can lead to some serious injuries so if you’re an avid bonfire night fan it’s recommended to attend public firework displays and leave it to the professionals instead of putting on your own at home!

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