So far, 2019 has been a very successful breeding year. And as it’s Mother’s Day we thought we would celebrate the new mothers around the zoo!

First up is mum of two Sookie, the Philippine spotted deer. She’s mother to both Trevor (born in 2017) and recent arrival Belle, who was born in January this year. As you can see, she is a very protective mother and stays very close to her little one.

Next up is mother of four, Arya, the nyala antelope. She has had several successful breeding seasons through the years, with her most recent offspring, a female, born in January this year. Typically, the mothers tend to hide the calf from the rest of the herd for several weeks to nurse them. The calf will then stay with the mother until the next calf is born... which will hopefully be next year!

Our pair of black necked swans has hatched four cute and fluffy cygnets which can be seen gliding across the lake. Usually, when the chicks hatch both parents will take good care of them, often carrying the chicks on their back. It’sactually the male swan who does most of the childcare, whilst the female recovers…!There are also some new arrivals in the Village Farm.

Our Brazilian guinea pigs, who arrived at the zoo only a few short weeks ago, have already given birth to three teeny tiny baby guinea pigs. See if you can spot these hiding beneath the hay in their run.

If you’re still looking for that perfect gift for Mother’s Day, why not treat her and create life-long memories with one of our incredible animal experiences, or choose from our range of animal adoptions. Happy Mother’s Day!

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