As we say hello to 2019 and all it has to offer, we take a look back and reminisce over some of the incredible highlights of 2018... And what a year it was!

Baby boom

Last year was a very successful year of breeding for us – especially for our bird department. We welcomed our first pink headed fruit dove, which is great news as there is only one other wildlife park in the country that keeps this species.

Four blue crowned laughingthrush hatched, which is a great effort for conservation as they are classed by the ICUN Red List as Critically Endangered.

Aside from feathery additions, we welcomed an unusual baby – a six banded armadillo, a UK first born of 2018. He’s recently moved home, so next time you’re up at Longleat Safari Park, see if you can spot him!

We can’t mention babies without including Matilda, another UK first born of 2018. Matilda is a Brazilian tapir and get this, she was born on Mother’s Day… how cute is that?! She has been a very popular little lady and I’m sure she will continue to steal all our hearts in 2019.

And last but not least, we welcomed two sets of twins; two cute and cuddly lynx cubs and two teeny tiny slender loris.

New arrivals

One of the most endangered species in the world arrived in April last year; two Javan green magpies. We are hoping that this year will be their year to breed,so we can begin to play our part in the conservation of this magnificent species.

The primate department welcomed two coppery titi monkeys, Tsuak and Tucker; Monroe the pied tamarin; and Tao the goeldi monkey.

No plastics

As a conservation charity we are highly concerned about single use plastics, and have been making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plastics we sell across all three sites; Newquay, Paignton and Living Coasts.

We no longer sell single use plastic bottles in any of our food outlets and from last year we also began to stock our sweets in compostable, transparent packaging which breaks down and disappears in soil. A great effort towards the reduction of plastic waste for us a wildlife charity.

Changing Places

As of December last year our new Changing Places toilet became installed - becoming fully registered with Changing Places, the accessible toilet campaign, in January 2019 - making the zoo incLOOsive for all guests. Our maintenance team also made improvements to some of the viewing platforms to make these fully accessible for guests, too. As an attraction we are always looking for ways to meet the needs of as many people as we possibly can.

Watch this space for some exciting things happening this coming year. 

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