Newquay Zoo’s five cutest couples
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Marketing Assistant Zoe gives an insight into five of the cutest couples at Newquay Zoo…
1. The newest couple: Hoffman two-toed sloth Hadar only arrived in December, so he and Roxy are still getting to know each other. There aren’t babies on the horizon just yet, but keepers are hopeful that it won’t be too long before there is a third two-toed sloth to their bed (yes – that’s the correct term for a group of sloths!)
2. The feisty pair: Boomer and Kicsi, our resident Eurasian lynx couple, have been together since 2015 when Kicsi came to the Zoo from the Czech Republic. After a couple of years of settling down these two big cats brought lynx cub Tink into the world in June 2017. Tink is growing very quickly and looks more and more like her mum every day.
3. The royal pairing: Alfie and Soukie, our Prince Alfred Philippine deer (or Visayan spotted deer) are celebrating their fifth Valentine’s Day together. Soukie joined Newquay Zoo, from a Zoo in Poland, back in January 2013. Since her arrival, the two have given birth to five fawns, including Trevor who still lives with the couple in their enclosure. 
4. The sleepiest pair: Resident red pandas Sandy and Germaine have been together since 2012 and are often seen having a snooze together high up in the trees. In their time here they have had one cub, Hu, born in August 2015, who moved on to Bojince zoo, Slovakia in July 2016.
5. A cracking couple: congratulations this Valentine’s Day to Humboldt penguin couple Craig and Sadsack who are celebrating their 18th anniversary this year. In their time they have hatched and raised six chicks; two of these remain in the colony at the Zoo and have begun families of their own. The couple continue to lay eggs each year and may do so for another five years.
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