We’ve rounded up our top new animals, births and photographs that we’ve shown you this year so you can remember all those fab moments that we’ve shared with you!


1. Baby Benito

Back in March baby Benito was born, doesn’t he look cute? He’s all grown up now though and jumping around on his own.


2. World Penguin day

We celebrated world penguin day in April with this very cute photo of our keeper Emma holding this baby penguin!


3. Harry the fossa

In April Harry went to pastures new. Harry the fossa jetted off to warmer climates and went to live in Dubai, we keep checking in with him now and then and have heard he’s enjoying the hot weather, especially now!


4. Tink the lynx June Tink was born.

Our lynx gave birth to this gorgeous baby that we named Tink. You have watched him grow up over the following months and he’s grown up so quickly!




This year we also welcomed some beautiful ducks in to the world with this very cute video:


6. Breakfast with Roxy

We also went live on our Facebook page in the tropical house one morning to show you Roxy the sloth tucking in to her breakfast... and you loved it!


7. Wallace and Gromit

We were joined by a pair named Wallace and Gromit, the two armadillos came to live with us at the zoo and we even took them to meet everyone at the Royal Cornwall Show. https://


8. Baby penguin chicks

In June we had some egg-citing news and eight very cute baby penguin chicks hatched! However, they soon lost their fluffy cute features and can now be seen swimming around, just like everyone else!


9. Visayan warty piglets

These adorable Visayan warty pigs were born, we have three of them and we have named them May, Pixie and Theresa.



10. Boris and Johnson

October Boris and Johnson arrived. Two new capybaras arrived here at Newquay Zoo, called Boris and Johnson. The pair started off very nervous but they soon settled in and can be found with their two friends the Al and Emily the tapirs.

There you have it, our top 10 moments of 2017! We can’t wait to share even more with you next year.

Happy new year from everyone at Newquay Zoo.

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