There are lots to see and do on your fun filled day at Newquay Zoo! We have selected the top ten things you must see at Newquay Zoo so you don’t miss out! 

1. Come and meet our pride of lions! We have one male and two females all of which are siblings which exhibit great social and play behaviour, especially during feeding time (every day except Mon/Tues at 2:30pm). 

2. Penguins have long been a favourite species in zoos because of their waddle on land which transforms to graceful movements once under the water. Newquay Zoo is home to a large family of Humboldt penguins and they remain ever popular with visitors. We have a public feed and talk every day at 12pm. We also do Penguin experiences which are great if you want to get closer and feed them!  

3. The African Savanna is a great place to visit! The great plains in Africa are home to thousands of species. At Newquay Zoo we have a mixed herd mimicking the large migratory herds that travel across the savanna avoiding droughts and searching for food. We have Chapman’s Zebra, Nyala Antelope, Black Wildebeest and Helmented guineafowl.  

4. Meerkats are very popular at the zoo! In the wild they live in groups of up to 30 meerkats called a mob. Meerkats also take it in turns to perform sentry duty, where the meerkat will stand on its hind legs to look for danger. At Newquay Zoo we have a meerkat feed and talk everyday at 12:30pm. If you would like to Meet the Meerkats then a Meerkat experience is for you where you can get even closer to them!  

5. Our Asian Short-clawed Otters can be found in the Oriental Garden. These otters are the smallest species of otter in the world and they also spend a lot more time on land than others. Asian Short-clawed otters will mate for life and both the male and female will help raise the young. Keep a listen out for our Keepers’ Choice at 3:30pm for the chance to watch them being fed!  

6. Our Tropical house is home to some of the world creepiest crawlies, slitheriest snakes and beautiful birds. We also have Roxy our Hoffman’s two-toed Sloth and Rodrigues fruit bats which can normally be found sleeping high up in the Tropical House during the day. Over 50 species have their home in the Tropical House – see how many of them you can spot!  

7. The Village Farm at Newquay Zoo is one of the most popular exhibits with lots of familiar faces that children especially love. From the walk-through Pygmy goat enclosure to pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, turkeys and Muscovy ducks there are lots to see!  

8. The Tarzan Trail is a great place where kids can let off some steam. It is set in the woodland near the Ural owls. Even the adults can have a good time imitating Tarzan!  

9. Café lemur is situated adjacent to the main lake and Lemur Island. Café Lemur offers a delightful range of freshly produced meals, homemade cakes as well as hot and cold drinks. 70% of produce come from Cornish suppliers for quality, freshness and lower food miles. Seasonal specials, comfy sofas and a warm, relaxing atmosphere with friendly staff makes Café Lemur the perfect place to chill out during your visit to the Zoo!  

10. Visit our gift shop during your visit and take home something of real value. You will discover a huge range of Fair Trade gifts. All profits are put towards our charitable objectives and provide fair wages for foreign craft workers. So if you’re looking for something to treat yourself or a loved one, you can be sure that your purchase will make a positive difference!   Along with animal encounters to feeding a meerkat, arts and crafts to facepainting, we hope you enjoy your day with us!

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