Here is our snappy-titled ‘Top ten things you may not know about Newquay Zoo’

1) 7 day return ticket

When you come to visit us we know you’ll love what you see, that’s why we offer all our visitors the chance to come back every day for the next week! That’s right -EVERYONE! All you have to do is mention the 7-day return ticket on arriving and we’ll take a picture of you to keep on our system and you’ll get given a receipt with a barcode on it. Simply bring this with you each time you return and we’ll scan it- match your face with our picture of you, and ‘Bobs your uncle’! So, if you’re coming to visit the zoo during your holiday to Newquay- remember to come on your first day- that way you are able to keep coming back to enjoy our animals, feed and talks and yummy café, every day!


2) You can tickle a penguin. If you want.

We know coming to the zoo is a special experience no matter what- however we also know that sometimes as a special treat, getting closer to our animals can be a dream come true. We offer a suite of experiences which give the young and old the opportunity to tickle a penguin, or meet a meerkat. If this sounds like your idea of heaven, check out what experiences we offer to our visitors here and you can book by simply calling 01637 873342.


3) Cornwall College is our friend

The Zoo and Cornwall College go way back; in fact Newquay Zoo is a founding partner of the Cornwall College Newquay. Members of our education team play key roles in the teaching of the college’s many Foundation Degrees specialising animal sciences. Students from the college also come to the Zoo for elements of their learning and many also have work placements with us as part of their training. Sign up here.



Our jammed-packed stocked shop is a must for anyone visiting the Zoo and is open from 10-5pm everyday (except Christmas Day) It stocks everything animal-related you can think of- from masks to puzzles, books to t-shirts, soft toys to wall hangings- so you can treat your nearest and dearest.


5) Conservation rules!

We love welcoming you all into the Zoo and showcasing some of the most fascinating creatures in the country, but there is a serious message behind all that we do. As a conservation charity (yes that’s right we are a charity- more can be found out about this here) we do lots of work behind the scenes to ensure that some of our beloved species’ futures are secured. One such project that we are in closely involved with is Save Vietnam’s Wildlife to help preserve some of their treasured endangered creatures, including the Owston’s Civet. In fact our Senior Carnivore keeper Owen is in charge of the breeding programme for all Civets in Europe.


6) We LOVE Instagram

We all know a picture tells a thousand words- that’s why we just can’t get enough of Instagram! We post pictures everyday of Zoo happenings and if you tag your photos #NewquayZoo we get to see what you’ve been up to during your time with us and we might even share yours with our followers. We love seeing your smiling faces and meerkat selfies. Make sure you follow us @NewquayZoo!


7) We are Excellent

Reviewing where you have been while on holiday is all part of the fun. It’s great being able to let others know about the good and bad ( not too many we hope) experiences you may have had. We take all of your comments about your visit to us seriously and though we may not be able to reply to all of them- we do read every single one! We have actually this year been awarded a trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence in recognition of our hard work.


8) We really do have a Sloth, Fishing Cat and an Armadillo

You might wonder why this has made it into our top ten? Well it’s because they are always hiding and quite often visitors think that they don’t exist! But we can assure you that they do! That’s the thing about wild animals they never do what they are meant to. Pesky animals…


9) Palm Oil Free Food

We take conservation and the environment seriously, that’s why we recycle, harvest solar power to heat our tropical house, and source palm oil free food for our café. Palm Oil plantations are one of the biggest threats to rainforest habitats in Asia- and why many new species of animals and birds are added to the IUCN Red List every year. So yes we sell pasties, and chocolate brownies – but none of them contain palm oil. Find out how you can have a palm-oil free household here.


10) There are other ways to get here

Last, but not least is the carpark. Parking; it’s not glamorous but many of you have to do it when you visit the Zoo. We know it’s a pain to have to pay for parking and we know that it can add extra expense to a family outing. However, as we don’t own the carpark, there is little we can do about paying to park- we can though offer you some advice to help you get the zoo without using your car. 1) Get the bus- there is a bus stop on the main road outside the zoo and we offer anyone arriving by bus a £1 discount on their entry. 2) Cycle – we have a bike rack right outside. 3) Get the land-train- there is a stop right outside for the land-train which operates in the summer months and follows a circular route around Newquay and operates a jump on jump off system. The kids love it!

Quotes Throughly enjoyed our visit to Newquay zoo, there was plenty to see! Quotes