At the end of April we were proud to announce the arrival of 8 feathered friends, that’s right, eight baby penguins hatched here at the zoo, cute huh?!  3 weeks on, we thought we’d update you on their progress.


At 12 weeks old, most of our penguin chicks have shed their fluffy baby feathers and are starting to develop their natural, more durable feathers. Despite having lost their baby feathers, the penguin chicks do still look different to the adult penguins as their markings have not fully developed yet, as you can see from the pictures below.


Waddle they up to now?                                                


All of our penguin chicks have now taken to the water and can be seen in the water during feeding times, although some of them are still learning to swim and can often be seen floating on one side, looking slightly confused, you may be able to spot this in the video below! Much like children learning to swim, it’ll take them some practice to be able to swim just like the rest of the waddle, but we’re sure they’ll get there soon! Waddle means group of penguin.


Our little chicks, although independently swimming, are still quite dependent on their parents. The chicks will still need help with feeding for a couple more weeks yet and will continue to share burrows with their parents until they are few weeks older. Once they have fledged from the nest they will still stay close to their parents for a while longer.

Human equivalent

At their current age, these little guys are about the equivalent age to a 5 year old, with their playful behaviour and thirst to learn new things we’re really looking forward to watching them grow and develop throughout the rest of the year!


Although not quite of age yet, at 2 years old it will be time for our little penguin chicks to attempt to find a mate. For this, some of our penguin chicks may have to travel to other collections at other zoos to help with breeding programmes, but at the moment we are happy with their progress at Newquay and won’t be looking to pair them up or move them for a while yet. 


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