When I saw the opportunity to undertake work experience with Newquay Zoo’s event and marketing team I jumped at the opportunity but I never fully realised how much fun working at a Zoo could be until I got here! On my first day Zoe, Newquay Zoo’s Event Coordinator, met me at the entrance, signed me in, and gave me my badge. Zoe and Rebecca, the Marketing Coordinator, then proceeded to give me a tour of the Zoo.

Papier mache

After this, we went to their office to find it was full of papier mache balloons! Previous work experience students and volunteers had been lovingly making the eggs for over 6 weeks, ready to be filled with food and given to the macaques and lions over the Easter weekend. I got the exciting job of adding new layers to the balloons while Zoe and Rebecca explained their responsibilities to me, as the Zoo’s events and marketing team which I found so interesting as they use so many different marketing methods to promote the Zoo I don’t know how they keep track of it all!

Day two

For the next day I worked with Rebecca to help create promotional material for the Zoo’s Facebook page using the beautiful photos taken by visitors. I also wrote a press release about the adorable new African black ducklings that have just arrived at the Zoo. I learnt that it definitely takes a lot of practice to write a good concise news article as it took me a few tries to get the article perfect. After this me and Zoe began preparations for the Easter weekend event, such as, putting up all the signage around Newquay to promote the ‘Eggstream Easter Weekend’.

I came back on Wednesday two days before the Easter weekend and began to help get as much done before the Easter madness, I was welcomed to find that my press release had made it into a paper! The two days before the Easter weekend mainly consisted of more papier ache and decorating the eggs with blended fruit as normal paint would be poisonous to the animals.

The Easter event begins...

The fun really pumped up once the Easter weekend began, on the morning of Good Friday we decorated the Egg Den with lots of flowers and plush animals to get the Zoo in the spirit of Easter which was a great way to kick off the Easter festivities. My favourite part of the weekend was the duck races down the stream by the otter enclosure, it was so much fun to see the children (and adults!) get really excited over 39 plastic ducks going down a stream. I also loved being able to watch the macaques enjoy playing with the eggs I helped make, as well as getting all the zoo’s visitors to join in by throwing the eggs into the enclosure. I found this really rewarding and a nice addition to my final day on the Easter Monday.

Doing work experience at the Zoo has been as amazing experience that I didn’t want to end. But, what has made it the best is how friendly and chilled out all the staff are here, all the staff treat you like normal, which in my experience is rare. This really helped me feel comfortable when I first started. Normally work experience can often be boring but not a moment has been lost with all the animals surrounding you, this definitely will not be my last time here!

By Callie Edwards

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