Newquay Zoo is not only home to hundreds of weird and wonderful animals, but it is also a lush sub-tropical garden full of beautiful plants from around the world.

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Our dedicated team take great pride in designing our animal enclosures so they resemble natural environments and wild places of the world. Our Tropical House has a huge range of exotic plants, including a giant fig tree in the main exhibit, to depict the natural environment. The Oriental Garden is another great example of this, as it showcases a variety of Japanese and Asian Plants, including Acers and Azaleas.


Plants and trees across the site also act as an important habitat for native wildlife. As you explore Newquay Zoo you’ll see that large areas have been left to create wild spaces where bluebells, primroses, daffodils and other native plants grow. These provide food for hundreds of species, so by allowing them to grow we can encourage native species, including birds and insects, to Newquay Zoo.

As well as being striking in their own right, certain plants and trees are managed to provide food for some of our animals.