Staff at Newquay Zoo are thrilled at the hatching of three Roul roul partridge chicks in the Tropical House exhibit.

The Zoo has held the birds as part of their collection for 6 years, but until now had no luck with breeding the species.

John Meek, Animal Collections Manager said; ‘‘It is brilliant that after so many years we have managed to breed these beautiful birds. It is of utmost importance to all of us at Newquay that we create a safe, secure and comfortable environment for all of our animals to encourage natural behaviour patterns and breeding. Therefore we are thrilled that these chicks have hatched and are thriving.’’

Roul roul partridges mate for life. During the breeding season the birds will make a dome shaped nest in which to lay their eggs. The female bird is completely hidden when inside the nest, which is great protection for the eggs from predators, which the male will watch out for whilst the female incubates the eggs.

Under threat from lowland deforestation throughout its range, these lovely birds are present in several protected areas in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. They are one of a number of amazing colourful birds at Newquay Zoo that call the humid tropical house their home.

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