When Toad Hall was opened at Newquay Zoo, it highlighted the threats to amphibians globally to our visitors. But it also highlighted to Zoo Director Stewart Muir the need for an area which would encourage native wild amphibians to the Zoo.

Setting aside an area outside Toad Hall, Stewart started to research British aquatic plants and species of newts, frogs and toads which he was hoping to attract to the area.

He explains; ‘‘After some careful research we are very proud of our wildlife pond which we have built outside Toad Hall. It has been specifically designed to encourage British amphibians to the area. We have specifically chosen native British aquatic plants for the pond, which encourage newts, toads, frogs and insects to the area, and we have put log piles on the side of the pond for amphibians to retreat to. The pond edges has easy access points for the amphibians to come and go, and we have deliberately not introduced fish to the pond which may prey on young.’’

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