Just before the doors to Newquay Zoo were closed to the public, we welcomed some cute new arrivals. 

Two armadillos were born on 1st February to parents Wallace (father) and Gromit (mother). The boy and girl, yet to be named, are the second and third offspring of the pair, but the first two to be parent reared by Gromit. Their last offspring who went on to Longleat has become a bit of a celebrity and just recently bred two young there. Newquay is getting quite the reputation for its armadillo production line, which can prove tricky to breed!

Armadillos are really good swimmers; they are able to walk along the bottoms of rivers as well as doggy paddle for some distance. They have really strong legs with long claws to dig at speed to avoid predation and to burrow for a home. Their hard ‘shell’ is made up of the same material as our hair and fingernails and very tough. Each armadillo’s head plate is individually different - like our finger prints. They are omnivorous eating pretty much anything they come across. They come from a vast range of South America and will live up to 18 years old.

March saw the birth of some monkeys. A Geoldi’s monkey was born on the 8th to parents Japura and Tao. This is their first youngster, and it is very important for the captive breeding programme. Unlike other callithrichids, Goeldi’s monkeys will only have one offspring at a time and the parents will share rearing responsibilities. Two squirrel monkeys were born on the 15th and 29th March; they are doing well and being carried by the mothers and will remain in the group until they mature at about two years old.

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