Newquay Zoo is pleased to announce the arrival of its latest animal encounter experience – lion feeding!

The lion feeding experience offers participants the opportunity to get up close and feed one of the largest big cat species in the world – the African Lions, kings of the jungle.

This truly memorable activity gives participants the opportunity to help the keeping team feed the pride of three lions at close quarters and learn more about the dangers these beautiful but at risk species, face in the wild, from both other animals and humans.

The first two participants for the lion feeding experience were Caitlin and Sam Allison, aged 16 and 14, from Pluckley in Kent.

Caitlin said of her experience backstage with the lions: “I have been to Newquay Zoo many times before and was a Junior Keeper For The Day, but the lion feeding was just awesome! To be able to get so close to them, feed them and learn from the keepers about the lions was an experience I will never forget. It totally rocked!”

Caitlin, who has also fed the lemurs, said the lion feeding experience was without a doubt the highlight of her summer holiday: “It really was incredible how close we got to the lions as you could actually smell their breath as we fed them. In terms of rating this experience, I would give it 12 out of 10!”

Sam was very nervous to begin with about being so close to the big cats but he admitted to being totally captivated by them: “I was very scared to begin with as we were so close to them but the keepers were really put me at ease and I got to feed the lions their lunch. Wow! That’s all I can say really! Wow!! All the other children at my school will be so jealous that I was backstage at The Zoo, feeding the lions. How cool is that?”

The lion feeding experiences are £95.00 for two people; children must be over ten years old & only one child per experience.

Pre-booking is absolutely essential.

The IUCN Red List classifies the African Lions as Vulnerable but in South Africa, the Lion is categorized as category Least Concern whereas in India it is classified Endangered and in the region of West Africa they are actually rated as Critically Endangered.

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