When Newquay Zoo had a brand new design put onto its van, staff knew it would stand out from the crowd.

But no one was able to guess it would be so popular that others would want it on their own vehicles.

Lyndon Harrison, from Central Taxis in Newquay, approached the Zoo after seeing the recently wrapped van. Having just purchased a traditional black cab, he asked if the Zoo would be interested in having a similar design on it, and Marketing Manager Carl Lamb jumped at the chance.

He said; ‘‘When Lyndon approached me, the answer was an immediate yes! Having the Zoo ‘Get Closer’ branding on the only black cab in Newquay will allow our advert to reach so many more people. We were thrilled that the original design on our van had been so well received. Look out to see the cab roaring around Newquay near you!’’

The traditional black exterior of the cab has now been covered with a variety of exotic creatures which can all be found at the Zoo, including ring-tailed lemurs, meerkats and lions. The fierce eyes of the Carpathian lynx glare out from the headlights, much to the delight of unsuspecting members of the public.

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