Selamatkan Yaki! Save the Macaque monkeys! Newquay Zoo is certainly helping in the campaign to save this critically endangered species with the birth of a baby macaque.

The baby, which is yet to be sexed and named, was born on Sunday 17th February, and has been delighting the visitors to the Zoo over half-term.

Dr Kathy Baker, Education Officer at Newquay Zoo said: ‘‘The Macaques are very similar to people – when a new baby arrives the whole family group find it really interesting and want to spend time with it!’’

One family member who has been particularly interested in the new baby is Maggie, mother of the baby’s mum Theodora. Staff have been watching with keen interest the role of a grandmother in the macaque group.

Stewart Muir, Zoo Director, said: ‘‘It is fantastic news that once again we have successfully bred a healthy baby Macaque. It is an amazing achievement that this species, which is classed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, is thriving at Newquay. As part of the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, we pride ourselves on our conservation work, both in-situ and in the Zoo. This baby will play a vital role in the survival of this species in captivity, and with the help of Zoo’s like us, the species will continue to have a chance of survival in its native habitat.’’

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