After Delia the Armadillo correctly predicted the results of the last two England games, keepers were so impressed with Delia’s abilities that they have decided to ask her to choose winners or losers for upcoming knock-out matches – watch this space, or visit our facebook page for more pictures and announcements!

An Armadillo is an appropriate choice to get involved in World Cup result predictions as the 2014 Cup mascot is ‘Fuleco’ – a Brazilian three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes tricinctus) whose name is a combination of Portuguese words for ‘football’ and ‘ecology’ – chosen to help raise awareness of the species declining numbers in the wild, and threats to wildlife habitats. Brazilian conservation scientists have recently urged FIFA and the Brazilian government to capitalise on the Armadillo mascot by protecting 1000 hectares of forest for every goal scored during the World Cup, especially the Caatinga dry forest which is natural habitat of Tolypeutes tricinctus.


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