As one of Cornwall’s biggest charities, Newquay Zoo is proud of its commitment to education, research and conservation. Staff at the Zoo are also dedicated to promoting sustainable living and animal conservation, spreading the word to visitors, new colleagues and students.

That is why Education Officer Helen Cavilla decided to undertake an intensive training programme to improve her teaching ability in the lifelong learning sector, and enable her to spread conservation news more effectively to the vast quantity of students who come through the Zoo gates every year.

Helen explained: ‘‘I have a degree in Biology and Geography, and have been lucky enough to use my knowledge in the Newquay Zoo Education Department for the past 5 years. I have also been able with the support of the Zoo to visit in-situ conservation projects in Brazil, so I have lots of information that I want to share. As my job role is becoming more and more focused on the students from Cornwall College on the Animal Management course, I decided to upgrade my teaching skills.’’

The course that Helen has completed is a City and Guilds accredited qualification, ‘Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector’ from East London College. As well as attending lectures over 4 long days in the capital, Helen then had a number of assignments to complete over the short period of 2 weeks.

‘‘It was very intense, but very worthwhile and I learnt a lot’’ said Helen. ‘‘I really enjoy researching, planning and delivering lessons, especially to further education students as they have chosen the Animal Management course because they have an interest in the subject. This course acted as a useful refresher to what I have already learnt, and gave me new ideas for future lessons.’’

Education Manager Mark Norris said: ‘‘I am thrilled that Helen took it upon herself to further her skills. Education is a huge part of what Newquay Zoo and the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust is about, and as teaching methods and curriculums change on a regular basis, it is important that our team are up to date with the latest educational developments. I know that I speak for the entire Zoo when I offer her huge congratulations.’’

If you would like to learn more about the range of opportunities at Cornwall College Newquay, and how they work in conjunction with Newquay Zoo, click here. 

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