A crowned lemur has been born at Newquay Zoo.

The conservation charity is home to a small group of crowned lemurs (a species classed as Endangered), with the latest addition being born to first time mum Beloha and dad Xavier on 23rd May.

The Cornish zoo last bred crowned lemurs back in 2016. Senior primate keeper Emma Sweetland commented: “We are thrilled to welcome this cute bundle of joy as it is a great effort towards the conservation of this Endangered species.

“The population of crowned lemurs is dwindling due to habitat loss and poaching. This, paired with the fact that they are native to only Northern Madagascar, means that there is a real possibility that the species could become Extinct in the Wild. So it’s become extremely important for zoos to hold this species.”

Beloha is keeping her unnamed and unsexed youngster close for the time being. However, once a crowned lemur reaches adulthood they can be easily identified through their colouration. Females are predominantly grey and males are a reddish brown. Both have an orange crown pattern on the top of their head, which is where the ‘crowned’ name comes from. Beloha and her baby can be spotted climbing through the trees in the Madagascan Walkthrough exhibit.

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