Newquay Zoo has said goodbye to one of its most popular animals – but it’s all in a very good cause.

Female Carpathian lynx Tink has, moved to Alpine Zoo in Innsbruck, Austria, with the hope that she will become a mum and help secure the future of her species.

Tink was born at Newquay Zoo in May 2017 to mum Kicsi and dad Boomer. The charity zoo has been very successful in breeding Carpathian lynx, with twins Toma and Codrin born in May last year.

Tink will be transferred as part of the European Endangered species Programme for Carpathian lynx. Breeding programmes are important to maintain genetically healthy populations of species in zoos. Individual animals are exchanged in order to achieve the best genetic combinations for breeding.

John Meek, Newquay Zoo’s Curator of Animals, said: “Tink will be near the home range of the Carpathian lynx, which is nice. She will be paired with a male as part of the breeding programme, which Newquay Zoo is delighted to be a part of. Hopefully, Tink and her mate will help increase the zoo lynx population!”

Carpathian lynx are the third largest predator in Europe and the largest of the four lynx species. Known as secretive creatures, they tend to hide in dense forests, generally sleeping in the day and at their most active during dusk and dawn.

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