The baby boom at Newquay Zoo continues with the birth of four baby Visayan warty piglets.

Stewart Muir, Zoo Director said: ‘‘I am very happy to celebrate the birth of these piglets - with only around 200 of them left in their native habitat it is so important that zoos are able to breed them successfully. We have worked hard to create an environment where the pigs will thrive, and the fact that this is the fourth year we have welcomed babies is proof that we have succeeded.’’

‘‘ We are currently keeping them inside at the Zoo, so that we can observe their behaviour more closely and learn more about the species. However visitors can still see them through the glass of the inside area, and meet the rest of their family at some of our daily talks.’’

Habitat destruction, over hunting for sport, reprisals for raids on crops and inadequate protection have resulted in the dramatic decline and likely extinction of the warty pig. Newquay Zoo provides support in situ by financially assisting an education and breeding programme in the Philippines, as well as working alongside other European zoos to ensure the species survival.

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