On the 10th of October the ghost of a grey lady was spotted, by staff, wondering the grounds of local tourist attraction Newquay Zoo.


The deceased woman, who complained of having lost her child, was rumoured to have been seen floating between the otters and the African Savannah during a rehearsal for the Zoo’s ‘Fright Night’ which will take place on Monday 30th of October.


Taking place between 6.00pm and 8.30pm tours of the Zoo will be 45 minutes long, and lead through the deep dark depths of the Zoo by a theatrical guide who will create a terrifying experience for all ages. It is believed that on the night the grey lady will return once again to walk the Zoo in pursuit of her lost child.


In association with the drama department at Newquay Tretherras Academy, the Zoo will invite its audience to witness four terrifying performances spread throughout the grounds.


With the theatre performances currently being developed and practiced by students at the local school teacher Kym Langdon comments: ‘This has been such a great opportunity for our students. Performing at the Zoo is such an exciting experience and we really hope you enjoy watching the work they have produced.’


You can book tickets and find out more about Fright Night here.




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