Newquay Zoo welcomes an endangered subspecies of the Gray slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus nordicus) only found in Northern Sri Lanka with plans to help save this species from extinction. The loris is a male who came from Shaldon Wildlife Trust but was born at London Zoo.

Gray slender loris are a species of primate feeding primarily on insects. Despite the increased studies of their behaviour and ecology in the last decade, they still remain among the least known of all primate species.

They are nocturnal and emerge from their roost cavities only at dusk. In the wild, they will sleep in groups and interact commonly throughout the night.

John Meek (Animal Curator) says “It’s great news we have a Gray slender loris at Newquay Zoo as they are part of a very important captive breeding programme. Once the new arrival has settled in there are plans to introduce other individuals to hopefully successfully breed this very important species.”

This sub species is listed as ‘endangered’ by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List as it is believed to have undergone a decline of more than 50% over the last three generations due to a combination of habitat loss and hunting. Sadly, the threat is thought to be increasing.

Stewart Muir (Living Collections of the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust) says “with conservation efforts developing, ongoing research and captive breeding there is hope to save this endangered species from extinction.”

The new Gray slender loris can be seen in the ‘Wildlife at Night’ Exhibit.

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