Newquay Zoo is throwing a party for its gorgeous Red Pandas Jermaine and Sandy…and everyone’s invited to join in the fun.

The party will be held on Saturday September 20th - International Red Panda Day when 100,000 people are expected to visit more than 40 zoos worldwide as part of the global effort to protect this vulnerable species in the wild.

The Newquay Zoo event will include a range of panda themed activities to keep kids entertained throughout the day, while encouraging them to learn more about the plight of the Red Panda (known as the ‘Firefox’ in China because of its distinctive foxlike appearance).

There’ll be activity books for youngsters to fill in, masks to colour and wear and trail sheets to complete as they follow the Red Panda footprints around the Zoo. Red Panda face painting will be on offer and the Zoo’s education team will be giving talks about these endearing animals whose natural habitat is under serious threat.

A highlight of the day will be the presentation of a gift wrapped box to Jermaine and Sandy, containing some of their favourite treats.

Newquay Zoo’s Events Manager Lorraine Reid said: “We want as many people as possible to join us for what promises to be a fun filled day. But we’re also trying to get across a serious message about the need to protect Red Pandas and other vulnerable species.”

“The money our visitors spend when they’re with us helps fund our vital education and conservation work.”

Anyone wanting to see the pandas should bear in mind they’re most active in the early morning and late afternoon. There are three different vantage points from which to see them – and it’s important to look up as they spend most of their time high up in the trees.

Red Pandas are native to the Himalayas and South Western China where the main threats to their survival are habitat loss through logging, farming, human habitation and poaching.

Fascinating fact: A Red Panda spends as much as 13 hours a day searching for bamboo and has an extra ‘thumb’ – an enlarged bone for grabbing bamboo stems.

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