Earlier this year Newquay Zoo primate keeper Nicole Howarth hand reared a baby narrow-striped mongoose that was failing to bond with its mother.

Kirindy, named after the nature reserve in Madagascar that the species are found, is now thriving and keepers have been contact with Durrell Wildlife Trust in Jersey, to set up a collaborative partnership for the species.

Nicole said; ‘‘It is great to be working alongside Durrell Wildlife Trust for the future of this species. We have good working relationships with many organisations, but the partnership with Durrell will allow us to share much more information and expertise on this particular species, and to move individuals between our two collections, adding to genetic diversity.’’

Narrow-striped mongoose are notoriously hard to rear, as the adults can be easily disturbed and distressed by noise or any unusual activity. Both Newquay and Durrell have successfully reared baby narrow-striped mongoose this year, so it is natural for the two organisations to work together. It is hoped that by sharing information the two zoos will ensure a higher success rate for breeding in the future.

Kirindy is due to be moved to Jersey before Christmas, to form part of collection over there.


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