Newquay Zoo is a-flutter with the hatching of two Luzon bleeding heart doves – and there are more on the way.

Hatching in January, the youngsters are already living up to their name as they’re both beginning to develop their ‘bleeding hearts’ – the bright red plumage on their chests.

The Cornish charity zoo is currently home to 5 Luzon bleeding heart doves - but there are more chicks on the way. Bird Keeper Dan Trevelyan “We are very pleased with the progress of these hatchlings, and we still have another dove nesting in Gems of the Jungle. A lot of other species in the exhibit have also started pairing up for the breeding season too!”

It is very fitting that these doves have hatched in time for Valentine’s Day, not just because of their heart markings but because they’re also monogamous, meaning they pair for life. Once the male attracts the female with various courtship displays, they will begin to build the nest together and will even take it in turns to incubate the egg.

There are 5 species of bleeding heart dove, but this particular species is found only on the island of Luzon in the Philippines; its International Union for the Conservation of Nature status is Near Threatened, as populations are thought to be declining due to trapping.

The latest additions to the bird collection have now fledged and will soon be introduced to Gems of the Jungle, an exhibit created to highlight the issues around the illegal trade of Asian songbirds.

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