Newquay Zoo’s twin Eurasian cubs have been named Toma and Codrin. After the Cornish Zoo’s keepers recently sexed the pair as both males, they decided to release a poll through their social media sites, allowing the public to help name these cute balls of fluff.

Born on 21st May, the pair of Eurasian lynx cubs have being growing up fast with Kicsi (mother) and Boomer (father) taking great care of them. Their older sister Tink, who was born in May last year, has also been seen looking after these pair and can often be spotted playing with them.

There are six species of Eurasian lynx; the charity zoo is home to Carpathian lynx, who are predominantly found in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe. Newquay Zoo’s Senior Carnivore Keeper Mike Downman drew up a list of four names for the poll, all of which come from local languages. ’Toma’ means twin, ‘Simu’ means one who listens, ‘Codrin’ means of the forest and ‘Arpad’ means wanderer.

The poll on the Cornish Zoo’s social media site saw each of the names pairedwith a particular emoji which the public could use to vote. ‘Toma’ proved a clear winner with ‘Codrin’ a close second. Mike Downman 'I'm really pleased with the results of the naming competition and can't wait to teach them their new names'.

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